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Worth noting.

This is worth noting, especially in the light of the earlier post I made about Obama.


Thanks, S.

A friend sends me this link, which is worth the read and worth talking about with that special someone.

Tangentially:  My first wife had been rather sexually active in college; which was all the rage and very edgy, I suppose; but she permanently impaired her ability to pair bond.   I.e. she was wounded, like those women in the article.   Even secular sociologists are beginning to recognize this.  The higher the “count” the harder to bond.    This doesn’t make it impossible; but the Ostrich approach will not work; and compensations in how the masculine/feminine frames are placed must be considered.    Since taking the “red pill” I am able to see more clearly why some of the dynamics we had played out.

The Mighty Tenth Amendment

So, my Federalist (i.e. Libertarian, Constitutionalist) leanings cause me to support those States that in the recent election have moved to decriminalize Marijuana; but the Conservative side of me wonders at the social outcome of allowing both Alcohol and Marijuana – particularly when health care is now and for the time being, a Federal matter; and what this means in the long run.